Panthera Japonica

art, floral, gold leaf, japan, Japanese Art, leopard, nihonga, print, sakura
About This Project

Japanese style painting, pigment on gold leaf, 34.5 x 24 cm

Plum blossom, a beloved motif in Japanese aesthetics, is associated with elegance and sophistication.
Iki in Japanese aesthetics is an expression of simplicity, spontaneity, and originality. It is ephemeral, straightforward, measured, and unselfconscious, it is thought to have formed among the urbane mercantile class in the Edo period.
This is Nihonga, a Japanese-style painting. Gold leaf background and mineral pigments bound with niikawa.
To be honest there is little “Panthera” in traditional Japanese painting, more tigers, dragons, and foxes…
However, I am drawn by the decorativeness of the leopard’s pattern in juxtaposition to Japanese decorative arts.

Print Available via Society6