Now & Then

About This Project

“Now and Then” is a collection for home decor. It wwas inspired by an idea of a place’s history, the story that is told by walls with layers of paint and wallpaper applied and reapplied by following owners. The patterns were supposed to be sort of erratic, depicting memories that cumulated in a place. The idea came from the walls I remember in my grandmother’s house; she loved roses since this motif is omnipresent. The walls in her house were painted with a paint roller in floral motifs.
I used watercolor to create the rose motifs, then worked digitally with the whole using different textures.
It is a palimpsest, a clash of abstract art and traditional decorative motifs.
All patterns in repeat. Exclusive rights, available for sale.


abstract, decor, fashion, floral, flowers, garden, gold leaf, home, interior, jewel-like, nonprint, pattern, rose, textures, upholstery, wallpaper
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