Edo Safari

About This Project
Edo Safari is a women’s apparel print collection that includes three scarf designs.
It is a journey to Edo period Japan, my favorite era in Japanese design history. I have always been inspired by the intensity and richness of kimono designs often featuring animal and floral motifs bearing meaning connected to literature and culture. The connection between humans, nature, and culture is so vividly present and it will always guide me in my artistic explorations. I wanted to take a contemporary twist on traditional Japanese designs, I picked the cherry blossom, the waves, the tree motifs and mixed them up with unexpected leopard prints and painterly dots. I also looked up to contemporary Japanese painters Kataoka Tamako, Takashi Murakami, or Yoko Kurihara. Altogether result is engaging, cheerful, and empowering. The dominating motif of a leopard comes from my painting “Panthera Japonica,” featuring the leopard with sakura-shaped spots on a gold leaf background.


All patterns are in repeat. The collection is available for licensing.
Please, see the lookbook for details.


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