Find me on Patternfield App

Find me on Patternfield App

I am now part of the art licensing industry revolution!

I am pleased to let you know my designs are now available for viewing on the Patternfield App, a revolutionary new platform for iPhones and iPad which allows my clients to view all my new work on their smartphones. 

Patternfield App is revolutionizing the way buyers and artists work with each other. It is the first platform to connect artists and designers with art buyers around the world. Think of it as a global surface art trade show, that is taking place all day, every day, and all you need to attend is your phone. As soon as I upload my designs, they are visible for you to see. How exciting is that?

Of course, I will always have larger images for viewing on my website or portfolio, but I have recognized this app for what it is – a really simple way to keep buyers updated with my new work.

This is my profile page, Search for tags: “karolinko” or “karolinasato”

For buyers and clients, there are no sign-up fees or monthly subscriptions, you simply apply to register, create your profile on the app and start browsing art for your business. 

In the coming months, there will be great features for us to utilize this app even more, such as push notifications to your phone when I load new designs. But for now, I make sure I tag my designs with my name, so it is as simple as typing my first name and last name separately as words in your search bar. This will bring up my designs which will lead you to my profile that you can follow – you only have to do that once and then I will always appear in your curated feed.

When you use the Patternfield App you will see hundreds of designs in a simple scroll feed that you can browse. You just type keywords in the search bar to find designs that might match your current needs.

To find me look for “karolinko” & “karolinasato”

You will see on the top of your feed there are currently two feed options (which will also grow as the app gets off the ground) 

  • All Designs Feed
  • Follow Feed

Following me, and any other designers you work with means you can see a curated feed to suit your style. It avoids clogging up your feed with the many designers who do work you are not looking for. When you use the All Designs feed you will see everything possible.

Transactions do not take place on the app; you can connect with me from my profile on the app and your message will come through to my email as usual. We can negotiate pricing or art requirements outside of the app, with no obligation to continue our artist-client relationship in the app itself.  Until later in 2022 it is only available on iOS but it will be introduced on Android. It will also work on iPad right now as well, as long as you have the iOS operating system version 14.1 or higher. The Founder of the App is Nerida Hansen from Melbourne, Australia, and she is bringing a lot of industry insights to the design community through regular App emails to designers and buyers or client subscribers. 

If you want to know more about Patternfield App, there is information on the website or you can contact their team

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