Karolina Sato “Karolinko” is an artist, illustrator, and surface designer based in Tokyo. She works in Japanese- painting “Nihonga,” watercolor, ink, and digital media, experimenting with color and texture.

Karolina’s work tells stories about the relationship between nature and culture; it is whimsical, joyful, and vibrant. She is interested in the ways art mirrors how people perceive the world. Her inspiration comes from ethnology, art, music, and culture. Karolina has MA in Japanese studies. As a Japanologist turned designer, she has a rich knowledge of cultural anthropology, Japanese literature, and arts. Her love for patterns started with her exploration of Japanese decorative arts, as seen in Rimpa School:

“I have a passion for Japanese decorative art and love how much it is connected with the poetry and literature of the country. Its motifs are deeply embedded in the culture and have the uncanny power to enrich every day.”

She has worked for 15 years as a graphic designer and art director specializing in branding, user experience design, innovation, and interactive installations. She is a multimedia artist and experienced designer understanding clients’ needs; her rich background is reflected in her bold and eclectic style. She specializes in hand-drawn, nature-derived, playful conversational motifs and textural abstract prints for women’s apparel. She gives her ethnic-inspired designs a contemporary twist to stay at the top of current trends, ensuring that her design aligns with the client brand and brings delight. She is passionate about scarf design.



Karolina Sato“ Karolinko”は、東京を拠点に活動するアーティスト、イラストレーター、サーフェイスデザイナーです。日本画、水彩、インク、デジタルメディアを手がけ、豊かな質感、鮮やかな色使いが特徴です。彼女の作品には、自然と文化に関連するストーリーがあります。作品は気まぐれな楽しさがあり、活気に満ちています。



現在、手作りのシルクやカシミヤのスカーフをスペイン G&Silkブランドのフィチャーアーティストであり、スカーフを展開しています。
日本からもG&Silk のスカーフを購入することができます。



Developing bespoke artwork and prints

Licensing & Selling

Licensing and selling original artworks and prints.


Collaborating with brands on design projects.

Scarf Design

Creating original and bespoke scarf designs.

Pattern Design

Developing collections, creating repeats. Researching, creating look books and mood boards.


Illustration for lifestyle and fashion.