My name is Karolina Sato “Karolinko,” an artist, illustrator, and scarf and print designer based in Tokyo. I work in Japanese-style painting “Nihonga,” watercolor, ink, and digital media.

My work tells stories about the relationship between nature and culture; I am interested in the ways art mirrors how people perceive the world. My inspiration comes from ethnology, art, music, and culture. I am a Japanologist turned designer (MA in Japanese studies). I have a rich knowledge of cultural anthropology, Japanese literature, and crafts. My love for patterns started with her exploration of Japanese decorative arts, as seen in Rimpa School:

I worked for 15 years as a graphic designer and art director specializing in branding, UX, and interactive installations. I am a multimedia artist and experienced designer who understands what clients need.

My rich background is reflected in my eclectic style. I specialize in hand-painted, nature-inspired motifs and textural prints for women’s apparel, scarves, and stationery. I like creating phantasmagoric conversationals, folk-inspired florals, and abstract compositions. I love to research and tell stories with my designs. I analyze the runway looks to give my designs a contemporary twist, staying at the top of recent trends.


Karolina Sato“ Karolinko”は、東京を拠点に活動するアーティスト、イラストレーター、サーフェイスデザイナーです。日本画、水彩、インク、デジタルメディアを手がけ、豊かな質感、鮮やかな色使いが特徴です。彼女の作品には、自然と文化に関連するストーリーがあります。作品は気まぐれな楽しさがあり、活気に満ちています。


現在、手作りのシルクやカシミヤのスカーフをスペイン G&Silkブランドのフィチャーアーティストであり、スカーフを展開しています。日本からもG&Silk のスカーフを購入することができます。



Developing bespoke artwork and prints

Scarf Design

Creating original and bespoke scarf designs.

Licensing & Selling

Licensing and selling original artworks and prints.

Print&Pattern Design

Developing collections, creating repeats. Researching, creating look books and mood boards.


Collaborating with brands on design projects.


Illustration for lifestyle and fashion.